Tuesday, 28 May 2013

AWESOME Recycled Carrier Bag Bunting

How to make AWESOME recycled carrier bag bunting

I've got SACKS filled with carrier bags in my shed with the good intention of reusing them. Theres only so many bags you can use at a time so my stash has gradually grown into a mountain.
I didn't see this on Pinterest. I saw it sometime last summer and thought now summer is here again I should pull my finger out.
Because it's made from recycled carrier bags this bunting is completely weatherproof. Just make sure you use some plastic garden string or similar as I used normal garden twine and it snapped as soon as the wind blew the bunting about.
So to get started you need a LOT of old carrier bags. the more colourful the better. Sainsburys and the coloured Argos bags are particularly good. Also plain coloured bags you get from markets etc.
You also need some greaseproof paper, a pen, scissors, an iron and a bunting flag shaped piece of card to use as a template (mine measures 9"x6.5")
  • First you need to cut off 2 pieces of greaseproof paper a bit bigger than A3 size. Lay one on your ironing board and layer up your carrier bag pieces on top of it. The first time I did this I used mostly white bags with logos and the result when I cut it in to flags was a bit dull. so try and layer some coloured pieces in there. You can cut out shapes like hearts, stars or stripes and lay them on.
  • Put the second piece of greaseproof paper over the top so you have a plastic sandwich and iron it. Don't have your iron too hot (mine was on about 2) and keep the iron moving and don't linger in one spot to long or the plastic will melt to much & it will pucker and split.
  • Wait for it to cool a bit then lift off the paper. You now have a sheet of cool patterned plastic!
  • Using your template mark out your flags and cut them out. Cut or punch some small holes in the top corners and thread your string through.
  • Show it off!
 These are stupidly easy to make and look awesome and my carrier bag stash is now a more manageable one bag full now!
Hope you have fun making these and I'd love to see your attempts at this bunting!

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