Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Festival Time!

Apologies for the lack of posts of late. I've been super busy preparing for our annual village festival this weekend!

Its a proper old fashioned English village fair with crowning of the Festival Queen, a procession of floats, funfair, handicraft show in the village hall (O hai Kirsty Allsopp), pet show and tug of war on the green. I love it. Its one of my favourite things about living in a village. Everyone gets together and has a good time.

I've spent many hours this past fortnight up at school painting, glueing and doing all sorts to help get our school float ready for the procession on Saturday.

Village festival float
Our School's float last year (If you squint you can see me on it!)
I've also been helping my kids with their entries for the village Handicrafts and Produce Show that coincides with the festival. And the boy-childs interesting choice of costume for the Fancy Dress contest.
AND on top of all that my eldest goes off on her first ever Cubs camp at the weekend too!
Anyway, normal service will be resumed presently; just let me get this hectic weekend out of the way first!

Photos and whether we were triumphant to follow soon!

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