Saturday, 11 May 2013

Nature Scavenger Hunt

The link on Pinterest goes to The Taylor House and the original version of the scavenger hunt list.

Well my printer ink has dried up so the list was hand written up on a piece of paper (excuse the bad handwriting).
The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the kids didn't want to go out. As soon as the words "special game" were uttered they were up and ready to go like a shot.
We didn't really have anything to collect our treasure in so we used small carrier bags (it also meant we didn't end up with huge sticks or lumps of rock as I made the rule "if it can't fit in the bag - it doesn't count"). In hindsight I guess you could use tupperware tubs or old chinese takeaway boxes so yuo can see what you have got.
So we walked down to our local nature spot - the ponds. They used to be old clay pits that got filled in with water and later on that water was used in the production of glucose in a factory nearby. Now its used mainly by fishermen and dog walkers. it's very peaceful.

We got off to a good start finding catkins and moss for our fuzzy things and worked our way down the list. The kids really enjoyed hunting for things and I did wonder if they would actually find everything but they did! 
 After we had managed to get everything on the list we walked home. We had been out for 2 hours and rain clouds were gathering overhead. The kids were ready for their lunch and I was ready for a cup of tea! 
We had a great morning and this is definitely something we are going to do again when the weather is nicer and I think I'll create a list of things to find at the beach for the next time we go to the seaside.

In conclusion:

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