Friday, 10 May 2013

Whats this blog about then?

What is Pinning for Britain?

Why hello!
So what's this blog all about then? Well like a lot of folk I enjoy Pinterest the pinboard-style photo-sharing website (as Wikipedia refers to it). If you aren't familiar with how it works you see a picture of something you like you "pin" it to a virtual pinboard. other people see your "pin" and if they like it they will "re-pin" it and so on.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. I like using Pinterest. I've discovered some amazing stuff on there. Some I've tried, some I've lusted over and some, some things I can't even try because I'm stuck in the UK. Certain ingredients aren't readily available in this country without buying them from specialist retailers or online. The second hindrance for me is I live in a small village. Our local supermarkets and shops in the nearest town aren't the best and sometimes even trying to find something like Chorizo or fabric pens can be a right chore. We don't even have any pound shops here!

Get to the point already! Ok ok! Well I want to see if I can replicate some of the fantastic pins i've seen. some are straight forward but others may require stuff that's not readily available to me. I'll give stuff a go and see how they turn out.

I'm going to set myself a few rules:
  1. Nothing to be bought specially online or from a specialist shop. Only stuff I can get in the usual high street shops in this country. No trips to Hobbycraft for Freezer paper or Candy Melts. That sort of thang.
  2. No splurging. Like most people these days, I live on a tight budget. I'm not going to skint myself trying things so thrift is the key. I'm not spending £6 on something I'm going to use once when I could spend that money on booze and cake.
  3. It has to be of use. Whatever the pin it has to be of use to me, my family or friends. I'm not going to be hand felting tea cosies out of my own muff hair because nobody is going to want that shit. Same thing goes for any recipe containing Quorn or tofu.
  4. It doesn't have to be a something that's made. Lifehacks count too!

What this blog is
A bit of fun, a giggle. Its about trying new stuff
What this blog is not
Endorsed in any way by with Pinterest.

I really have no idea how I will get on. This could go horrificly tits up but its worth a go!

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