Monday, 8 July 2013

Removing Sticky Residue Without The RAGE

Just a quick one!
There's loads of pins about removing the sticky goop left behind my stickers or labels. The most popular 2 seem to be using peanut butter or a mixture of oil and Bicarbonate of soda.

I've got a small box that used to contain chunky chalks that I got from Poundland a while back. Its the perfect size for a mini first aid box for the kitchen. The only problem was the old label didn't come off very well and left a huge tacky patch on the front where I wanted to stick my nice First Aid sticker I had made.

Over to Pinterest! I found a good pin to use peanut butter on the sticky goop to remove it but alas I didn't have any peanut butter (the kids cleaned me out on Saturday). So I kept scrolling and came across this pin for DIY Goo Gone from Two Million Miles.  
All you need is vegetable oil and some bicarbonate of soda I used baking powder but its basicly the same thing.
  • Mix the 2 ingredients together in equal quantities. I used 1 tsp of baking powder to 1 tsp of oil.
  • Smother the area with the mixture and leave for about 10 mins. The time it took me to do the washing up!
  • Wipe it off! Before i wiped it off I gave it a good rub round with my finger to make sure all the subborn bits were loose.
Apologies for the awful quality picture. The kids had faffed about with all the presets on my camera!
It seriously is that simple! I was really surprised as no matter how much I'd scrubbed that crap previously it wouldn't shift!
I'll update this post with pics of the finished product (I still need to print off my sexy new label).

I'd say DEFINITELY say that...