Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Painted Coke Bottles

how not to paint coke bottles with acrylic and gloss paint
My husband loves Coke out of glass bottles so once in a while he treats himself to a 6 pack of them. This weekend he treated him self as I had bought some cider and nibbles for watching Eurovision (YAY Denmark by the way).
After he had gone through them I saw them sitting in the recycling box in the kitchen and thought that they were too nice a bottle to just throw away so I looked for some ideas on Pinterest for reusing them. I finally came across a pin which suggested spray painting the inside and using them as vases. There was a similar pin using a syringe thing to squirt acrylic paint in to bottles too.

Click through for the Pin
The doesn't seem to be any instructions to this pin just the visual step by step.

Now I don't have any spray paint but I do have gloss house paint. I wonder if that would do?
Only one way to find out.
painting glass bottles with gloss paint
So i made a makeshift funnel for the paint and as i tipped some one, i noticed it was very thick - like blancmange so wouldn't go down the funnel properly.
painting glass bottles with gloss paint

It toke AGES to swirl the thick paint round the bottle but I managed it and it looked good! By this point my hands were covered in red paint
painting glass bottles with gloss paint
As per the instructions, I left it upside down in the shed to dry out and the leftover paint to trickle out.
painting glass bottles with gloss paint
 I left it there for about 3 hours. I went for a peek and found this
Hmmm. I don't think that's meant to happen.

So I decided to try again. This time with some acrylic paint I'd bought from Home Bargains last summer for a project with the kids.
painting glass bottles with acrylic paint and glue
There wasn't a lot of paint and again it was a bit thick so I thought I'd add a bit of PVA glue to water it down a little bit.
painting glass bottles with acrylic paint and glue
 It slopped around lovely in the bottle getting a good covering. Again I went and stood it upside down in the shed and left it for a few hours. When I went to check it It seemed the paint had sliped off all the contours of the bottle. Not what I wanted but still a far better covering than the gloss!
painting glass bottles with acrylic paint and glue
I was dissapointed but in fairness, the acrylic and glue bottle did come out pretty good really. Although the glue did make it go a little transparent against the light. Oh and I can't use the bottle as a vase (as i'd planned) because of the glue.
I think if I did this again I would have to get one of the big squeezy bottles of acrylic paint and use that. The other thing I will add is that when you put the bottles upside down to drain, you WILL make a mess when you lift them up as my shoe found out.
In conclusion

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