Thursday, 20 June 2013

Festival Time! (Part II - The Aftermath)

Well last Saturday was our village festival. And the weather stayed fine (for the most part!)
The day started with myself and the kids traipsing up to the village hall to hand in our handicraft entries. All 6 of them.
It was the first time EVER we had entered and didn't really know the drill but we muddled through. We duly registered them all and set them up. Fluff (my son) entered a "computer generated picture" and a Lego model. His Lego model was actually a case for my Raspberry Pi so it served a purpose afterwards.
Bird (my daughter entered 3 items; Again some "computer generated art", a small tote bag that she had made herself (supervised by me on the sewing machine I might add!) and some gingerbread men. We had a bit of a panic when we went to put our gingerbread men out as the other entries were on nice plates with doilies and were all decorated. We didn't have time to decorate ours and forgot a plate. So we just had to put them out on the lid of the box we brought them in and hoped for the best.
The village hall

I entered the "4 items based on the theme" class. The festival theme this year was Roald Dahl so I decided it was going to do ingredients from Georges Marvellous Medicine. I made labels for the flea powder and perfume and made a bottle of pig pills from Play Doh and stood them all in a huge cooking pot.

After setting up we dashed back home as Bird was off on her first ever Cubs camp for the night. After we had  dropped her off I helped Fluff into his Pelican costume (from The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me) and walked up to school to board the float.

Now I'd spent a lot of time up at school helping decorate the float as this was going to be the first year they were being judged for a winner. We had to up our game! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of our AWESOME float to show you but of the 2 school floats it was judged as a draw so my talents didn't go to waste.
Its amazing what you can do with a few towels and some cardboard!
The float made its way up to the village green where the float judging happened. then the fancy dress competition. Alas Fluff didn't win but it was good fun anyway. There were some very imaginative costumes.

FINALLY we got to go and see how we did in the handicrafts show. Boy did we get a shock!

4 items

handicraft bag

computer art

computer art

Of the 6 items we entered, FIVE got placed and FOUR of those were first prize winners! I couldn't believe it! We were so happy! When it came around to announcing the overall winners (the people who got the most placed items) my little Bird's 3 first prizes earned her overall runner up in the children's section. I was so proud of her!

Well its 5 days later now and normal service has resumed. Bird is back from her Cub camp (she was filthy and stunk of woodsmoke but was happy and was actually speechless when I told her that she'd won prizes) and so she's back to school and moaning at me to make ANOTHER costume for the school summer play (no rest for the wicked!)
I on the other hand seem to have got a weird sore throat and completely lost my voice much to everyone else's amusement. Oh well!

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