Saturday, 29 June 2013

100 things to do this summer! Free Printable

Stuck for how to entertain the kids in the 6 weeks holidays? Here's my list of 100 things to do this summer in a handy free download!
Well summer holidays are almost upon us (unless you are in Scotland and are enjoying them already!) So I've been thinking about way to entertain this kids this summer. I've seen loads of posts on Pinterest listing 100 things to do this summer. 75% Of the suggestions are awesome. The problem I've come across is some of the things listed I've never heard of (pull taffy? play cornhole?) or things we can't really do (catching fireflies, watch fireworks on 4th of July).

So I decided to combine the best of these many lists and added a few more of my own.
As I was going back through my list I found I had duplicated a few things so ended up with 5 free spaces. Rather than make up 5 more things I've left them blank to fill in with things we might like to do at a later date.

Feel free to download and print off and let me know how you got on! 
Let summer BEGIN!

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